Kids LED Digital Display Bracelet Watch

100 MVR

Your Kid will Cute more...

Color - Black / Blue / Sky Blue / Pink


  • Product Name: LED Bracelet Watch

  • Material: Environmental silica gel

  • Weight: about 21g

  • Advantages: multicolor selectable

  • Set simple,power saving

Functional overview:

  • LED shows time, year, date

  • 12 hour system

  • Single key operation

  • Power saving mode: there is no key operation in 3 seconds, and the screen display is self closing.

Data setting:

  • Hold down the screen key, the light will display the time, and press again to display the date.

  • Long press does not let go, after a few seconds, the hour is beating, press a screen key to add 1 hours.

  • After adjusting for hours, press the screen key and do not let go. The same method is used to adjust the minutes.

  • After adjusting for a minute, then press long, and adjust the year after a few seconds.

  • Then the same steps and methods are used to adjust the month and day.


Contact - 7694209 / 7220386 / 7224234
( Voice,Viber,WhatsApp )
Price - 100 MVR Only

CODE - K010
Free Delivery 
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