Silicone Oil Brush

50 MVR

"Try this you will love it"

Product name: Multi-purpose barbecue brush (removable)

Material: food grade silica gel

Size: 16cm * 3cm * 3cm * 1cm

Temperature: - 40 ° C ~ 230 ° C

Net weight: about 12 grams

  • Features:
  • non-slipthermal insulation
  •  wear resistance
  •  removable and easy to clean

Product Detail:

1. Rear hook and loop design, easy to accommodate suspension, air drying, more convenient storage, save time, free up kitchen space.

2. The brush head is uniform and fine, without hair loss, removable handle, dirty and easy to clean.

3. The glass handle design not only meets the requirements of manual touch, but also achieves a clean effect.



Due to the slight electrostatic adsorption on the surface of the silica gel, it adheres to small particles or dust in the air. Do not expose directly to air when not in use for a long time.


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Price - 50 MVR Only

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