1. No more Slouching 2. Improve Posture 3. Reduce Back & Neck Pain 4. Maximum Comfort 5. Lowest Price with Best Quality 6. High Quality material
Adjustable Back Posture Corrector Spine Support PRODUCT DESCRIPTION 1.The Posture Aid Support is designed to help pull the shoulders back and straighten the Spine 2.100% brand new and high quality,Retractable elastic strap 3.It makes you a elegant beauty no matter you are walking or standing,According to your own width of your shoulder,adjust the in the back to the tightness most suitable to yourself 4.Great for office persons,Supporting design helps correct poor posture Size : S : Advise for waistline 60-75 cm M: Advise for waistline 75-85 cm L : Advise for waistline 85-95 cm XL:Advise for waistline 95-105 cm Contact us now (Voice / Viber / WhatsApp) 7224234 7220386 7694209